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EZ Oil Drain Valve EZ205 1-1/8"12UNF Thread Cat 3406 B/C/E Models C13 C15 Models

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EZ Oil Drain Valve EZ205 1-1/8"12UNF Thread Cat 3406 B/C/E Models C13 C15 Models

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**Verify that your Oil Pan Plug is 1-1/8"UNF Thread. This is the most common, but not all Cat models are this size**

Also Available in Kits with A Straight or 90 Degree Adapter

Solid Construction

The ball valve design allows a straight flow for fast drainage and a flawless seal when locked closed, double sealed for guaranteed leak proof operation.  

The ball valve design of the EZ Oil Drain Valve is a great design, because unlike spring-assisted gate valves, it can withstand higher pressure and engine vibration. Our valves have been rated and tested
 up to 250 PSI. 

The EZ Oil Drain Valve incorporates the ball valve design with a nickel-plated body for additional protection from the elements.


Reduce maintenance costs with the EZ Oil Drain Valve
Eliminate frozen drain plugs
Eliminate stripped threads
Prevent engine damage from routine oil analysis
​Less down time and operating expenses


How to Install:
             1. Remove drain plug and drain oil
             2. Hand install the valve until tight, and give 1/8 turn with a small crescent wrench on the body.   (DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN!)
             3. Close the lever and refill with engine oil

How to Drain Oil:
             1. Lift up the lever and turn counter-clockwise.
             2. Turn back the lever to close.
             3. Make sure the lever is fully-closed and secured in its locked position.

OPTIONAL HOSE ENDS (sold separately)

Straight #H-002
90Deg   #L-002