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Low Rider Shorty Universal Musclecar Hotrod Floor Console Madrid Black

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Low Rider Shorty Universal Musclecar Hotrod Floor Console Madrid Black

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**Hand Built in the USA**
**Some Pictures for Reference Only, Listing is for Solid Madrid Black**
Many other styles and colors are available, contact us for more information

 The Low Rider Shorty is shorter in length and works best in cars with less depth (measured front to back) between the front of the bench seat and firewall/dash. We’ve also seen this floor console in the back seat area where floor space is limited and less room for full-sized consoles.

Note: Both versions only work in vehicles without a floor-mounted gear shifter, either manual or automatic.


  • Two Large Drink Holders (upgradable to Mega drink holders)
  • Storage Compartment with Lid
  • Cell Phone/Document Sleeve
  • Adjustable Mounting System w/ Moldable Bottom Plates (for gripping floor/transmission tunnel)

  • 11″ Wide at the drink holders
  • 8″ Wide at the main body
  • 13.75″ Length overall
  • 6″ Height at drink holders, not including Adjustable Mounting System (height can vary from car-to-car)
  • 5″ Height at the main body
  • 117 square inches internal storage compartment space, 6″ x 6.5″ x 3″ (L x W x D)