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OER 16oz Secret Formula Extreme Shine Metal Polish and Sealant For all Metals

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OER 16oz Secret Formula Extreme Shine Metal Polish and Sealant For all Metals

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OER® Extreme Shine Metal Polish and Protectant cuts through layers of dulling oxides to restore a wet-mirror like finish to chrome, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and more! 

This outstanding polish will make your metalwork gleam and look its absolute best. Spreads on with ease and buffs off with little effort. Great for oxidized metals and even light rust. 

Can be easily applied in the shade or sun. Leaves virtually no smear, dust or powder. 

The most innovative metal polish ever. A 3-step product in one, this diminishing metal polish cuts fast, cleans like no other, shines like a mirror and protects like a sealant. 

Utilizing friction and heat OER® Extreme Shine Metal Polish cleans, restores, revives and polishes. Friction generates heat that allows the product to break down into a micro-fine polish that leaves the surface shining like a mirror. 

During the final phase, it breaks down to release the durable protective sealant that bonds to metal surfaces reducing corrosion and prolonging shine. Use by hand, with a polisher or with your polish ball and drill.