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OER MF296 Gas Filler Grommet

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OER MF296 Gas Filler Grommet

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Reproduction fuel filler neck grommet for various 1964-74 Mopar A and B-body models. This grommet is designed to seal the area where the steel filler neck attaches to the fuel tank to seal vapors and prevent fuel leaks. Pre-packaged in OER polytube.


  • 1967-74 A-Body models
  • 1964-69 & 1972-74 B-body models except wagon
  • 1966-68 & 1970 B-body wagon

1966-1974 Dodge Charger
1965-1974 Dodge Coronet
1964-1974 Dodge Dart
1964-1969 Plymouth Baracuda
1964-1970 Plymouth Belvedere
1970-1974 Plymouth Duster
1967-1970 Plymouth GTX
1968-1974 Plymouth Roadrunner
1965-1974 Plymouth Sattelite
1972-1974 Plymouth Scamp
1964-1974 Plymouth Valiant