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Rear Rubber Brake Hose 1976-1981 Firebird and Camaro 1977-1979 Nova

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Rear Rubber Brake Hose 1976-1981 Firebird and Camaro 1977-1979 Nova

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Exact to factory original in every detail except they have a current date code required by law. They are the correct length, with the correct size ends with the correct stop ring at the frame end and gold zinc finish. These hoses also feature bright white dot lettering just like the originals. They flex up and down with suspension travel. These are usually dry rotted ,cracked and unsafe.




This is an inline tube exact reproduction of the original hose.



Century 75-77 Rear

Electra 76-84 Rear

Electra 225 74-76 Rear

Electra Estate Wagon 80-89 Rear

Estate Wagon 77-79 Rear

Le Sabre 75-89 Rear

Regal 76-77 Rear

Riviera 75-78 Rear

Skyhawk 77-80 Rear

Skylark 77-79 Rear


Brougham 87-89 Rear

Commercial Chassis 77-84 Rear

Coupe DeVille 77-84 Rear

Eldorado 74-78 Rear

Fleetwood 77-86 Rear

Fleetwood 75 77-78 Rear

Sedan DeVille 77-84 Rear


Bel Air 74-75 Rear

Camaro 76-81 Rear

Caprice 74-90 Rear

Chevelle 74-77 Rear

Impala 74-85 Rear

Monte Carlo 74-77 Rear

Monza 76-80 Rear

Nova 77-79 Rear

Vega 76-77 Rear

Chevrolet Truck

El Camino 74-77 Rear

General Motors Truck

Sprint 74-77 Rear


Custom Cruiser 77-90 Rear

Cutlass , S, Supreme,74-77 Rear

Delta 88 74-83 Rear

Delta 88 Royale 74-85 Rear

Ninety Eight 74-84 Rear

Omega 77-79 Rear

Starfire 76-80 Rear

Vista Cruiser 74-75 Rear


Astre 76-77 Rear

Bonneville, Catalina 74-81 Rear

Firebird 76-81 Rear

Grand Am 74-75 Rear

Grand Prix 74-77 Rear

Grand Ville 74 Rear

LeMans 74-77 Rear

Parisienne 74-86 Rear

Phoenix 77-79 Rear

Safari 87-89 Rear

Sunbird 77-80 Rear

Ventura 77 Rear