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Trim Parts Red White and Blue Rear Emblem 1975-1977 Chevy Camaro Made in the USA

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Trim Parts Red White and Blue Rear Emblem 1975-1977 Chevy Camaro Made in the USA

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Trim Parts Red White and Blue Rear Emblem 1975-1977 Chevy Camaro Made in the USA

Trim Parts strives to provide only the best restoration products on the market. We do hours of research to make sure each and every part we make looks and fits like the original. Do not settle for cheap imitations for your project. When quality counts... Choose Trim Parts! Red, white & blue, includes fasteners.

Made to Original Specifications

All Trim Parts Products Are Made From Premium Materials

GM Licensed Restoration Part

Includes Assembly with Fasteners

Product Comparison

The Trim Parts Difference


Utilizing nearly two centuries of combined craftsmanship experience, as well as a rigorous quality standard, Trim Parts dedicates itself to producing the highest quality restoration parts in the industry. Where others have a tolerance for error or inaccuracy, Trim Parts strives for perfection. Each and every part is meticulously examined and must pass the extensive scrutiny of our quality control inspectors.

The Trim Parts difference is found in the details. From top to bottom, front to back, our parts are as close to original as possible. This is accomplished through utilizing original GM tooling or recreating tools to the original specifications.

From car shows to dream cruises, When Quality Counts,count on Trim Parts.

Emblem Comparison


Our emblems are the reason why our parts are called ?Car Jewelry? in the industry; which stems from our commitment to accuracy and perfection. All Trim Parts emblems are made with only premium materials utilizing the same manufacturing processes as GM. This means our die cast emblems are free from pitting or flashing, hand painted with custom paint masks, and are guaranteed to have the correct color tones and finishes.

Lenses Comparison


Quality is found in the attention to detail. Trim Parts lenses are a perfect representation of this philosophy. We have worked (and continue to work) closely with GM to ensure our lenses are perfect reproductions of the originals. This means using the correct-color plastic in our injection-mold machines, ensuring the correct optics and markings, and using Original GM tooling when available.

Door Handles

Door Handles

Trim Parts door handles look, feel, and operate just like the originals. Every detail is noted and accounted for. All Trim Parts handles are triple chrome plated to ensure a mirror-like finish, pre-ground and sanded to eliminate all unwanted flashing, as well as have some of the smoothest mechanisms on the market. Unlike the ?other guy?s?, we cut and pre-bend all push rods for each specific application. Go ahead, push our ?push-buttons? and feel the Trim Parts Difference.

Sill Plates

Sill Plates

Why settle for good enough when you can buy the right sill plate the first time? Sure, the competitor's sill plates have the Fischer Body tag, but are theirs as detailed as the original? Chances are the competition's tag is applied with adhesive as opposed to being correctly hand-riveted like on a Trim Parts sill plate. We even went to great lengths to ensure the texturing in between the groves matches the original plates.